Why is Renters Insurance Important?

Our agents at the Asheville Insurance Center serving the Asheville, NC area want you to know and understand the importance of a renters insurance policy if you are a tenant.

Many people are under the common misconception that their landlord’s property insurance policy will cover their personal belongings and other items they have purchased for their house, apartment, mobile home, or other dwelling they are renting. This is not the case. The property owner’s insurance policy will only cover the dwelling itself, which is the reason you need your own insurance policy for the things you have purchased and own.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Your renter’s insurance policy will cover your personal belongings and any items you have purchased, such as appliances, furniture, and electronics, if a fire breaks out. These items will also be covered if they are stolen, a natural disaster occurs, and your items are destroyed or damaged. This type of policy will also come in handy if someone vandalizes your apartment, house, or other dwelling.

Why is Renters Insurance Important?

If you are a tenant and rent the space you live in, it is imperative for you to have a renters’ insurance policy since you never know when disaster will strike. This is a prime example of being safe rather than sorry since your landlord’s insurance policy will not cover your clothing, household items, appliances, furniture, and other items you have purchased.

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