What Should I Do if I Have an Accident While Driving my Motorhome?

Accidents happen, even when we’re being careful. We must have a clear plan for what to do next when they happen. If you’re driving your motorhome and have an accident, use this guide to help you through the process.

Check for Injuries and Call 911 if Necessary

Swiftly check yourself and your passengers for injuries. If you or anyone else is seriously injured, call 911 immediately. An ambulance can transport you to the nearest hospital for treatment. Some common injuries in auto accidents are whiplash, back and neck pain, concussions, and broken bones.

Move to a Safe Location

Once you’ve confirmed that everyone is okay, the next step is to move your vehicle to a safe location. If you can drive, pull over to the side of the road. If your car is not operational, turn on your hazard lights and wait for help. Getting out of the way of oncoming traffic is essential to avoid further accidents.

Get a Police Report

The police will come to the accident scene and file a report. This report will be important for your insurance company. The police will also help direct traffic and ensure everyone is safe.

Be sure to get the name, badge number, and contact information of the officer who filed the report.

Contact Insurance Agent

After the accident, you need to contact your insurance agent, like Asheville Insurance Center in Asheville, NC. They will help you file a claim and start the process of getting your vehicle repaired. Your insurance company will pay for the repairs if you have comprehensive or collision coverage. If you don’t have this coverage, you will be responsible for paying for the repairs yourself.

Don’t have motorhome insurance? Be sure to contact Asheville Insurance Center in Asheville, NC. We’re here to help you through the process and get you back on the road. Give us a call today.