Is renters insurance required in Asheville, NC?

Asheville, NC is one of the prettiest places to live in the United States. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is home to vineyards, Biltmore, and countless local markets. Being a renter in Asheville offers endless possibilities and unfortunately, like everywhere else, there are risks that could damage or destroy your rental. At Asheville Insurance Center we are a family-owned independent insurance company with many years of experience.

Having renters insurance is not mandated by the state of North Carolina or the city of Asheville. It is optional coverage. It is possible that a landlord or management company may require that you carry renters insurance, but in general, you don’t need to carry it. 

Is it a good idea not to have renters insurance? No, it isn’t. In spite of that, more than 60% of renters don’t have it. Given how affordable it is, that doesn’t make good sense. Some renters are under the impression that they don’t need renters insurance, that their landlord has insurance that covers them. This is misinformation. Your landlord does have insurance without doubt, but their insurance is to protect their building and that does not include your contents. 

Renters insurance in most cases includes three types of coverage. 

  • Contents
  • Liability
  • Loss of use

Content coverage like all similar insurance comes in two types; replacement cost and actual value. You decide what kind of coverage you want. Liability protects you in the event someone is injured while visiting your rental or by a member of your family. It pays for medical expenses, a judgment against you, and legal fees. Loss of use will help you to pay for a place to stay when your rental is not habitable. It also pays for food as needed. 

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Why do I need renters insurance in North Carolina

North Carolina is a wonderful place to call home. It has great amenities, spectacular scenery and of course the Outerbanks. Rentals in Asheville are more affordable than most other cities across the county. It has been attracting people who want to relocate for years. Given all the good things about North Carolina, you may wonder why I need renters insurance? At Asheville Insurance Center, we are family owned and provide personalized service with honesty and integrity. We have years of experience, making sure we meet our customer’s insurance needs.

As a renter, you may have thought that your landlord has insurance that protects you. It doesn’t. It protects the building itself and anything that belongs to the landlord but does nothing for you. You must purchase your own insurance, or everything you own is at risk. 

Renter’s insurance offers a few different kinds of protection. Being able to replace all that you own is valuable coverage even if it was the only one offered, but it isn’t. Renter’s insurance also provides liability coverage and loss of use protection. 

If a covered peril damages or destroys your rental, you would be without possessions. You own a lot more than you probably realize, and having to replace everything can be quite expensive. Think about all the clothing you own, the furniture in your rental, and all the things in your kitchen. It would be a nightmare without renters insurance. 

Liability coverage protects you from an injury to someone visiting your rental or away from the rental by a member of your family, even a furry one. It can protect you from a judgment against you.  

Loss of use gives you the help you need to have a place to stay while your rental is uninhabitable. 

At Asheville Insurance Center Asheville, NC, we understand what valuable coverage renter’s insurance provides. We would love to sit down with you and discuss your particular insurance needs 

Top Five Questions to Ask Before You Get Renters Insurance

It is a good idea to have renters insurance if you do not own your home. Many people may not be aware of this useful insurance when they rent an apartment or home. If you have valued possessions and those items are damaged, or in some cases, stolen, then renters insurance can help you recover some of the losses.

The agents at Asheville Insurance Center of Asheville, NC can help you understand what kind of policy you may need as a renter. Here are some questions to ask about renter’s insurance.

Does my landlord’s insurance cover my possessions?

Your landlord likely has homeowners insurance, but this only covers the building and structures. Your possessions are not covered under their policy.

Are injuries covered with renters insurance?

Typically, renters insurance will cover medical and legal expenses from injuries to others inside your dwelling in the event it is taken to court.

Will renters insurance cover my possessions fully?

Not exactly. There are limits to this type of insurance and how much you will be able to recover based on the type of item and overall coverage. High dollar items such as jewelry and collectibles that will have limits on how much will be paid out in the event of a loss. 

Can I calculate the value of my items?

Yes, there are apps and websites available now to find the worth of your items to log and track their value. These can be extremely useful in the event of a disaster where you suffer damage and loss of possessions.

Does renters insurance only cover possessions?

Some renters insurance will help with lodging in the event of a disaster where you are displaced and in need of housing. It is best to speak with an agent about your particular policy.

If you are in need of quality renters insurance contact us at Asheville Insurance Center of Asheville, NC. Our representatives will be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for coverage.