Optional RV Insurance Coverage Options

The experts at Asheville Insurance Center understand that insuring an RV is both similar and different from insurance for a vehicle. Just like a vehicle, RV insurance includes limited liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage in the basic policy. Those in Asheville, NC have many additional, optional RV insurance coverage options available. Having different options available helps customize RV insurance based on what you need. 

Basic RV Coverage

Most RV insurance policies offer standard coverage options, providing basic coverage and protection. Basic RV insurance coverage typically includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical payments, uninsured motorist, and underinsured motorist. 

Optional RV Coverage

Option RV insurance coverage is available for those wanting to add more to their policy and fully customize their insurance coverage. Optional RV insurance includes roadside assistance, towing and labor, vacation liability, safety glass replacement, replacement costs, and scheduled personal effects replacement cost coverage. If you have customized your RV in any way, adding customized equipment coverage may be beneficial.  

Stationary RV Coverage

If you are not actively using your RV, or it remains stationary, you do not need to have full coverage for the unit. However, you want to ensure your investment is protected, which is why purchasing an insurance policy to cover theft, damage to the unit and the property inside is highly suggested. 

Speak with your insurance agent to discuss the use of the RV and which insurance coverage is required, and which optional coverage is recommended. 

Asheville, NC RV owners can find peace of mind knowing they are fully covered when it comes to insuring their RV. However, those who still have questions about basic RV coverage and optional coverage available should call the experts at Asheville Insurance Center today.