What North Carolina Landlords Should Know About Umbrella Insurance for Rental Properties

A rental property is a valuable asset. It can be a great source of passive income for many years if you choose tenants with care. Buying the right insurance policy ahead of time can also help you save money while avoiding potentially devastating losses.

What is Umbrella Insurance for a Rental Property?

Umbrella insurance isn’t meant to be a standalone policy. Instead, it kicks in once you reach the liability limit of another policy. This ensures you’re not out of luck if you need to settle a lawsuit or pay a judgment.

Umbrella insurance covers a range of incidents. It compensates third parties for injuries that occur on your property.  If someone comes to the home and their property is damaged on your premises, umbrella coverage will pay the person for the loss. Examples include damage to power tools you rented from Home Depot and stored on the property, a mailman slipping on the house’s front steps, or a tenant’s child accidentally throwing a ball at a delivery truck’s windshield. However, bear in mind that umbrella insurance doesn’t cover intentional damage by a tenant. It also doesn’t cover injuries you sustain while visiting your property or any form of damage to your property, even if it is accidental.

Get Expert Insurance Advice from Asheville Insurance Center

Umbrella insurance for a rental property offers ample protection in the event of a lawsuit. However, it’s not the only form of insurance you’ll need. Asheville Insurance Center offers Asheville, NC property owners expert advice to make it easy for any landlord to pick the best policies for a property. Get in touch with us to learn more or find out about specific policy options.

COVID 19, Your Insurance Policies, Our Agency, UPDATES

I wanted to take a minute to reach out to all of our clients, to bring you some updates in the insurance world that may affect you.

Last Friday the NC Insurance Commissioner issued an order to all insurance companies, premium finance companies, concerning those that have been financially affected by the COVID 19 Virus.

If you have suffered a financial loss, due to loss of a job, reduction in hours, and are having a hard time making ends meet. You may call the insurance carrier directly and ask for some assistance with your monthly insurance payment.

Each company is handling this a little differently. That is why you need to call them direct.  If you don’t have their number please call our office at 828-505-7222 and we can get that information to you.

Don’t be surprised if they ask you for some proof. as we are sure many people who have not been financially affected may try to take advantage of this option.

If you simply don’t pay your insurance bill, your policy will cancel, you will have to pay the reinstatement fees and could be subject to FINES from DMV…  So please call if you need assistance.

Our agency is committed to staying open during this time of crisis. HOWEVER, we will be implementing some new procedures until this crisis passes.

We can handle 99% of your needs over the phone and by email. things like payments, policy changes, even new policies.  So please feel free to call us at 828-505-7222.

To maintain Social Distance during this crisis, if you do need to come by the office, please call us at 828-505-7222 so we can set a time for you to come by.

In the event that this virus was to get out of hand, and we are forced to close the office,  we are equipped to work remotely.

So please call us at 828-505-7222 if you need anything. We are here to help you.

You can email us if needed at the following email address;


We encourage each of you to shelter in place, Stay Healthy, hopefully, this crisis will pass soon.

Lee, Liz & Rob