Can I Customize My Motorcyle Policy to Protect Special Features?

When you decide to customize your motorcycle, you probably don’t think much about how these actions will affect your insurance. Nevertheless, when you include customization on your bike, you can expect to pay additional premiums in Asheville, NC because of the overall risk that can occur due to your other insured items. Asheville Insurance Center can help you create a motorcycle policy to meet your needs.

Customizations Not Part of Basic Policies

If you don’t indicate the number and type of customization your bike has, you may only receive the stock value of your model if you are in a crash. If you don’t let your carrier know you have customizations, you risk canceling your policy.

For smaller motorcycles with minimal customization, all you need is a standard policy with add-on coverage listing the custom parts and equipment. The value of the modifications will determine the amount of add-on coverage needed over your bike’s base value. You can find that value in the Kelley Blue Book or by using the National Automobile Dealers Association appraisal guide.

Extensive Customizations and Specialty Bikes

High-end motorcycle owners generally need an agreed-upon value policy to get adequate protection for their ride. Classic motorcycles fall into this category along with other machines like composite or homemade motorcycles that don’t have an agreed-upon value. If you have a cycle with a performance upgrade involving the engine, you may need racing or motorsports insurance, as most other motorcycle carriers deem these vehicles too risky to insure.

Do you have adequate protection when riding your motorcycle in Asheville, NC, and its environs? We understand the unique needs of motorcycle owners with customizations. Contact the agents at Asheville Insurance Center to discuss your bike’s customization and get set up with a policy that will protect your investment.