Why All Renters Need Renters’ Insurance

When You have signed a lease on a home, it’s vital that you have renters’ insurance from day one to protect yourself. Most of the time, landlords will require proof that you have this insurance to sign your lease. It’s important to landlords that you have this insurance, which should be important to you as a renter. It’s never a good idea to go without this valuable coverage. If you need a renters’ policy, call us at Asheville Insurance Center in Asheville, NC.

Protection for Your Things

You have a lot of belongings inside your rented home, and they all need to be protected. With renters’ insurance, they are. These policies include a lot of protection for your things so that if they are destroyed or have something else happen to them, the policy can pay for you to get them all replaced. This can save you from paying out of your pocket to replace everything. It can help you to get your life back to normal after a serious incident has happened to you. 

Protection for Your Liability

Another risk in your rental home is being liable for injuries and accidents. When anyone comes to your home and gets injured there, it will likely be up to you to pay for everything from their lost wages to their medical bills. To protect yourself against this liability, renters’ insurance covers it. When an accident happens, and someone is injured, your renters’ policy will pay what you owe. This means that the injured party doesn’t have to sue you to pay their expenses after being injured. 

Cover Yourself With Renters’ Insurance

If you don’t have your renters’ policy yet, it’s time to call us at Asheville Insurance Center in Asheville, NC.