Top Five Questions to Ask Before You Get Renters Insurance

It is a good idea to have renters insurance if you do not own your home. Many people may not be aware of this useful insurance when they rent an apartment or home. If you have valued possessions and those items are damaged, or in some cases, stolen, then renters insurance can help you recover some of the losses.

The agents at Asheville Insurance Center of Asheville, NC can help you understand what kind of policy you may need as a renter. Here are some questions to ask about renter’s insurance.

Does my landlord’s insurance cover my possessions?

Your landlord likely has homeowners insurance, but this only covers the building and structures. Your possessions are not covered under their policy.

Are injuries covered with renters insurance?

Typically, renters insurance will cover medical and legal expenses from injuries to others inside your dwelling in the event it is taken to court.

Will renters insurance cover my possessions fully?

Not exactly. There are limits to this type of insurance and how much you will be able to recover based on the type of item and overall coverage. High dollar items such as jewelry and collectibles that will have limits on how much will be paid out in the event of a loss. 

Can I calculate the value of my items?

Yes, there are apps and websites available now to find the worth of your items to log and track their value. These can be extremely useful in the event of a disaster where you suffer damage and loss of possessions.

Does renters insurance only cover possessions?

Some renters insurance will help with lodging in the event of a disaster where you are displaced and in need of housing. It is best to speak with an agent about your particular policy.

If you are in need of quality renters insurance contact us at Asheville Insurance Center of Asheville, NC. Our representatives will be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for coverage.