What is the value of having a RV insurance plan in North Carolina?

Many people who reside in the Asheville, NC area will find it a great place to own an RV. When you are an RV owner in this area, it will allow you to see the country by providing a safe mode of transit and a place to sleep at night. With an RV purchase, you also need insurance as it offers various benefits. 

Meet Requirements Set

All owners of RVs will want to ensure they have an RV insurance plan at all times so they can meet any requirements set for them. Having an RV insurance plan is typically required by lenders of RV loans to protect their collateral. Further, you will need to have this insurance to remain in good standing with state law surrounding auto liability coverage. 

Protect Your Assets

Having an RV insurance plan to protect your assets continues to be a good idea. Those that are going to invest in an RV will want to be able to enjoy it for a very long time. A great way to ensure this happens is by getting RV insurance. Maintaining this coverage will offer the support needed to replace or repair the RV if you incur theft, accident damage, or other types of loss. 

No matter where you live in the Asheville, NC area, you need to maintain a proper insurance policy if you are an RV owner. When you are ready to start looking for coverage here, it can be helpful to call our team at the Asheville Insurance Center. There are a lot of choices to make when you are looking for this coverage, and at the Asheville Insurance Center, we can help you build a new plan.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need For an RV?

RV insurance can be a tricky subject. Ultimately, you want something affordable that provides the financial protection you need for your RV. Asheville Insurance Center, serving the Asheville, NC area, is committed to helping everyone find the best insurance policy for their needs. This includes answering questions such as what kind of insurance you need for an RV and what policies will serve you and your family the best going forward. You deserve to feel safe and protected in your RV, both physically and financially.

Generally, liability coverage is almost universally required for RVs since they’re big vehicles that can do significant damage in the event of an accident. In most cases, liability coverage for a motorhome will only be available under a proper RV insurance policy. Regarding a travel trailer, coverage is usually provided by the towing vehicle’s policy rather than by a separate one. If you’re unsure what policy is best for you, a standard RV insurance policy will give you the basics of what you need.

Contact us at Asheville Insurance Center today for more information about your options when it comes to RV insurance policies. We’re proud to serve the Asheville, NC area and are happy to help those in need make sense of RV insurance and understand their options. You deserve the peace of mind when traveling in your RV, whether flying solo or on a family trip. Stop in or call us today, and we’ll help you find the insurance policy that fits your needs.

Optional RV Insurance Coverage Options

The experts at Asheville Insurance Center understand that insuring an RV is both similar and different from insurance for a vehicle. Just like a vehicle, RV insurance includes limited liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage in the basic policy. Those in Asheville, NC have many additional, optional RV insurance coverage options available. Having different options available helps customize RV insurance based on what you need. 

Basic RV Coverage

Most RV insurance policies offer standard coverage options, providing basic coverage and protection. Basic RV insurance coverage typically includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical payments, uninsured motorist, and underinsured motorist. 

Optional RV Coverage

Option RV insurance coverage is available for those wanting to add more to their policy and fully customize their insurance coverage. Optional RV insurance includes roadside assistance, towing and labor, vacation liability, safety glass replacement, replacement costs, and scheduled personal effects replacement cost coverage. If you have customized your RV in any way, adding customized equipment coverage may be beneficial.  

Stationary RV Coverage

If you are not actively using your RV, or it remains stationary, you do not need to have full coverage for the unit. However, you want to ensure your investment is protected, which is why purchasing an insurance policy to cover theft, damage to the unit and the property inside is highly suggested. 

Speak with your insurance agent to discuss the use of the RV and which insurance coverage is required, and which optional coverage is recommended. 

Asheville, NC RV owners can find peace of mind knowing they are fully covered when it comes to insuring their RV. However, those who still have questions about basic RV coverage and optional coverage available should call the experts at Asheville Insurance Center today. 

Safety tips for RV travelers

Personal safety while camping in Asheville, NC is something that should always stick to your mind, as keeping you and your family safe is paramount. Remember, not everyone came to the campground with the same purpose as you, and sometimes, just buying RV insurance is not always enough. You need to take personal steps into ensuring that your family and RV are safe.

Here is what Asheville Insurance Center recommends doing when you are out to camp.

  • Always keep your doors and windows closed: You never know who is waiting for you to get into your RV and steal your possessions. Most RVs share the same locking systems, so never leave valuables anywhere on your RV. You can use a safe or take them with you when heading out.
  • Drive defensively: This means you can stay safe by avoiding road mishaps and keeping up with the allowed speed. You will be more careful when entering and exiting highways. Defensive driving means keeping in mind that the other guy in front or behind you is not as conscientious as you.
  • Always check your RV before leaving the parking lot: Check for faults or signs that could lead to driving problems before starting your trip. This will save you time, energy, and resources while also ensuring that you are safe. You can also take your time to learn some simple RV repairs.
  • Beware of your environment: This may sound obvious for most campers in North Carolina, but unfortunately, many people end up ignoring or forgetting about their surroundings. Before you decide to park your RV and stop anywhere, please take a good look at the neighborhood and its safety.
  • The weather is a must check: Never leave for a camp without checking the weather. Even after getting a clear sign, don’t ignore signs of weather change. Bad weather can be disastrous when driving a loaded RV.

Staying safe starts with you. At Asheville Insurance Center, we care about your safety. For more information on RV life, feel free to contact our office in Asheville, NC.

Must Have Insurance Coverage for RV Road Trips

Spring is an excellent time of year for an RV road trip. When planning your trip, make safety a priority by purchasing adequate RV insurance for your travels. The right coverage from Asheville Insurance Center in Asheville, NC will protect you, others, and your RV against incidents on the road.

RV Coverage Options

RV policies offer several coverage options, which include:


Liability covers injuries and property damage to others in accidents you’re responsible for. North Carolina requires that you carry minimum liability coverage to protect other drivers. RV collisions, however, tend to cause a lot of damage, which may exceed the limits of minimum coverage. To fully protect your assets against road trip accidents, it’s best to purchase as much liability coverage as you can afford.


Collision coverage helps pay for repairs to your RV if it’s damaged in a crash, regardless of who’s at fault. If you took out a loan to purchase this vehicle, your lender might require that you have this coverage. Even if you own your RV outright, collision coverage can save you a substantial amount of money in repair costs. 


Comprehensive coverage compensates you for the market value of your RV if it’s stolen. It also covers damage caused by non-collision events such as inclement weather, falling objects, and vandalism. These incidents are quite common when you hit the road.  

Uninsured Motorist (UM)

Road trips also put you at a higher risk of being hit by someone who doesn’t have sufficient coverage to pay for your RV damages. If this occurs, UM coverage will help cover your repair costs.

The right coverage will protect you against any eventuality, so you can enjoy your road trip to the full. Contact Asheville Insurance Center in Asheville, NC, today for all your RV insurance needs.