Safety Tips for the Personal Watercraft

Personal watercraft are a lot of fun! However, even though this is a pleasure craft, it is crucial to keep some safety tips in mind so that your fun weekend doesn’t turn into a week in the hospital or worse. Your PWC might seem like a big toy, but it comes with some responsibilities to keep in mind. Laws regarding personal watercraft may be even stricter than the ones for ordinary boats. 

Before You Even Hop On

Read the owner’s manual! It will tell you how to operate your PWC safely and give you all the necessary warnings. It is recommended that you wear a neoprene wetsuit or shorts and a Coast Guard-approved life jacket while riding. Other safety gear, such as gloves or eyewear, is highly recommended. Do not board a PWC while the engine is running, and keep hair and loose clothing away from the pump intake. Please find out how much weight your PWC can handle and stick to it. Familiarize yourself with the controls and keep the safety lanyard attached. 

While You’re Riding

Pay attention to traffic. Keep in mind that your PWC has a quicker response and turning radius than the typical boat. Give everyone space, and don’t stray too close to the shore. You don’t want to be in shallow waters. Spraying swimmers, boaters, and beachgoers is not just rude but dangerous. If you fall, try to get clear of the PWC. If the craft flips, a sticker on the back end should tell you how to flip it back up. Above all, only operate your PWC during the day in good weather conditions. 

Watercraft Policies from Asheville Insurance Center in Asheville, NC

If you’d like to insure your personal watercraft and live in the Asheville, NC area, call Asheville Insurance Center today. We’ll give you all the help you need. 

Let a recreational insurance policy protect your fun!

The team at Asheville Insurance Center knows just how fun toy vehicles can be, especially in the beautiful natural areas surrounding Asheville, NC. We want to help you protect your fun with a recreational insurance policy. Come by our office or give us a call to learn more about the policy options available in our area. 

Protect your fun with a recreational policy

Owning a snowmobile, ATV, or similar recreational vehicle is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family. If you haven’t fully insured your recreational vehicles, now is an ideal time to do so. Many people have questions about recreational insurance, especially those who only operate their vehicles on private land.

Even when you are riding your vehicles exclusively on private land, you’ll still want to have adequate insurance protection. If there is ever a situation where someone is injured while riding your vehicle, you will want to have the right insurance in place to cover any associated losses. 

Liability can be a significant financial concern for anyone who owns recreational vehicles. No one wants to have personal liability. In addition to liability protection, you may want to consider comprehensive coverage. This robust coverage option will help protect you from financial loss due to the theft or vandalism of your covered vehicle. There are many benefits to carrying a comprehensive recreational insurance policy, and now is an ideal time to learn more. 

Call or stop by today!

Residents in the greater Asheville, NC area can turn to the team at Asheville Insurance Center for all their insurance needs. If you aren’t sure just how to protect your ATV or other recreational vehicles, we are here to help. Call or stop by today!

Recreational Insurance & RV Vandalism

When you drive a recreational vehicle, you might plan on getting scuffs and scrapes over time. What you do not plan for is your vehicle getting vandalized.

Asheville Insurance Center serving Asheville, NC understands that vandalism is a serious issue, and we know that many people have questions about whether their insurance plans cover vandalism. Here’s what you need to know.

Get Comprehensive Coverage

Liability coverage does not cover vandalism to your RV, and neither does collision coverage. If you want to make sure that your vehicle is covered, you should consider comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is intended for things that happen to your RV when it is parked and not in motion.

Each policy is different and has different requirements, so it is important to consult with an insurance agent before you decide which coverage is right for your RV.

Make Sure You Have RV-Specific Coverage

When you get a special RV policy, you can ensure you are covered even when you are at a campground. When you are camping or participating in other activities, you need to ensure that you have all your bases covered. Recreational vehicles are used differently than other cars, and you do not want to get stuck with a policy that does not protect you.

Talk About Your Recreational Insurance Options

Do you want to make sure that vandalism is covered? Asheville Insurance Center can help you insure your Asheville, NC recreational vehicle so that you have the most protection possible. An insurance professional can help you choose not only the right plan but also the right amount of coverage based on your RV use.

3 Benefits of Having Recreational Insurance

Recreational insurance is a great idea if you want to make sure that your vacation goes smoothly. Accidents do happen and can be quite costly if you don’t have the right type of insurance coverage. The benefits of having recreational insurance will help you maintain financial security if something goes wrong. Residents of Asheville, NC can rely on the agents of Asheville Insurance Center for answers.

Reduces Your Liability

Recreational insurance reduces your liability if someone is injured on one of your ATVs or at your camping area. The right policy will provide appropriate liability coverage to ensure that you have what is needed to protect you, your family, and your guests.

Covers Damages to Property

In addition to reducing your liability, recreational insurance will also cover damages to property. Covering property damage can take the burden off of you financially if an accident occurs while you are on a recreational vehicle out in the woods or the sand. Property damage can take many forms, so discussing your insurance needs with an agent is a must.

Peace of Mind

Having recreational insurance in place also gives you peace of mind. With the right recreational policy in place, you won’t have to worry about financial disaster if an accident occurs. Having peace of mind will actually allow you to enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends.

If you live in the Asheville, NC area and are looking for quality recreational insurance, the agents of Asheville Insurance Center can help. We have the experience and the knowledge to come up with the best recreational insurance policy for you. Having a personalized recreational policy is the best way to have peace of mind and a sense of security.

Do You Need a License to Drive a Recreational Vehicle?

Recreational vehicles come in many different shapes and sizes. In Asheville, NC, the agents at Asheville Insurance Center offer insurance policies that cover RVs and a variety of recreational vehicles. Having the right type of policy in place is essential so that you can focus on having fun with your family instead of worrying about what will happen if you are involved in an accident.

Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles like ATVs and dune buggies that are designed to be taken over all types of terrain aren’t built for highway use. In most cases, no actual license is required if they are only used off-road. Recreational vehicles that are capable of being driven on the highway must be operated by a licensed driver if they are used on public roads.

Obey the Laws of the Road

Even though a recreational vehicle may not be built for highway use, it is still mandatory that laws are obeyed. If you are off-road, being courteous and lawful is common sense. Take the time to get to know North Carolina laws as they pertain to off-road and all-terrain recreational vehicles. This will make it easy for you to have fun with your family and ensure that you will not get into any trouble with your recreational vehicles.

At Asheville Insurance Center, each agent has both the knowledge and experience required to assist clients with all of their insurance needs. Owners of recreational vehicles who live in the Asheville, NC area are encouraged to call the agency to learn more about recreational insurance and the benefits it offers. Have fun, be safe, and call your agent today to get the peace of mind you need!