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Condo Insurance in North Carolina

In many ways, living in a condo helps cut down on the stress of owning a traditional home. With a condo, you don't have the same kind of external property upkeep and landscaping as you might have with a house. However, there are still unique elements you'll need to keep in mind when insuring your property. At Asheville Insurance Center we strive to connect you with the right condo insurance while also going over the importance of such coverage.

Different Challenges To Condo Ownership

In many ways, condo insurance is a hybrid between a homeowner's insurance and renter's insurance. This is because when you live in a condo you typically have other residents living not only next to you but above, below, or both. With the addition of more people around you the chance of an electrical problem or fire increases. The possibility of theft may also increase based on your location. So, while condo insurance is different from homeowner's insurance, it is still an important investment.

Work With Your HOA

When looking to move into a new condo your home owner's association will likely require you to purchase condo insurance. However, there are also some HOA's that require you to take out condo insurance from specific providers. When you live in or around Asheville, NC we can work with your HOA to make sure your condo insurance is up to all building requirements. This way, you'll stay up to code with your home owner's association and remain in good standings.

Finding The Right Condo Insurance For Your Needs

Whether you live in Asheville, NC or in other areas around North and South Carolina, our team here at Asheville Insurance Center wants to do everything in our power to help connect you with the right coverage. So if you just moved into North or South Carolina, or are moving from another location in Asheville, NC, we are here to help you with finding the right condo insurance for the property.


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