When it comes to liability protection, having an umbrella policy is the way to go

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Reduce your liability risk with an umbrella policy

Because we live in a litigious world, liability risk continues to be an area of concern, especially for small business owners. Unfortunately, a firm’s primary property policy or commercial insurance may prove inadequate regarding liability protection. 

Primary policies typically have limits, and once those limits are reached and exceeded, the financial responsibility can revert to the company. And depending on how the firm is structured, principals in the organization can be held personally responsible for damages. 

If you are unsure if your firm has the liability protection it needs, it’s time to sit down with your local agent to review your policy. With umbrella insurance in place, you will have additional coverage if and when your primary policy is exceeded. This type of protection is especially important for firms operating in industries with a high risk of legal action. It’s also helpful for business owners who have a high likelihood of slip and fall type of suits being brought against them. Find out more today!

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